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What wheel are you on?

We have been raised in a society of herding the masses. You have gone to grade school, high school, college on a wheel of routine. That’s great, but most people are washed into thinking this is the only way of operating. Think about how many hours of brain washing we have endured. You become a model of your environment and a product of your habits. The corporate world is pretty much the same type of wheel. Sounds like a blast…not really! This is what I call an average and mediocre way to live. You and your mind are so much more capable of greater aspirations than this system. You have an opportunity right now to make something better happen than just average. You’ve already taken the first step by deciding you want to be independent and not rely on some “higher” authority dictate your decisions. Once you taste that first sense of independence and freedom and you will never go back. I promise!

– Mike Layton

author: Fit Limit


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