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What are you exchanging?

It’s all about the exchange in this economy. What are you exchanging?

So you go to college because that’s what you think you are supposed to do. Do you really know why you went to college or are going to college? Why is it that some people who don’t go to college are still successful? I’ll tell you why. Whether you have gone to college or not it’s all about what you can offer the world and exchange. Are you exchanging your time and skill set for money on a 1 to 1 scale? Or are you exchanging your time and skill set and leveraging that on a much larger scale. You see, it doesn’t take a degree from Harvard or Brown to figure this out. Do you think these schools are on this planet for the goodness of their heart? Hell no! They don’t give a damn about you. View college as an opportunity to advance your skill set in the economy by making yourself more valuable so you can potentially exchange at a higher level. Going into business doesn’t necessarily require a business degree. Going into business is a mindset and understanding value of what you are bringing. Business fundamentals and mechanics play a vital role in maintaining the business “backbone,” but what it really comes down to is the exchange. How can you exchange what you are offering at a higher rate of efficiency and maximize profits?

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